Upcoming Projects

Out of Darkness

A relentless paralegal fights to prevent a suicidal murderer on Virginia’s Death Row from dropping his appeals and hastening his execution. As she learns of his traumatic past that mirrors her own, she is driven to re-examine his case in a way that will be life-changing for both of them. Based on the biography “A Courageous Fool” by Todd Peppers.

Written and to be Directed by Claudia Myers.

Carmen Underground

Carmen, an ambitious young girl from Miami, arrives in Paris on the verge of fulfilling her life-long dream of singing at the Opera. When she is met with disappointment, she recalibrates her ambitions to become a top performer in the Paris metro. A story about defining success on your own terms.

Written by Claudia Myers

Wrestle Out

In the isolated, coal-mining town of Grundy, Virginia, high school wrestling offers kids one thing: Options. For some it's a shot at glory; for others a chance to go to college; for the rest, it's a way out of the mines. For all them, wrestling means a shot at life.

Directed by Claudia Myers
Produced by Todd Easton and Joe Fab